new bible study: sexuality, relationships, and ethics beyond purity culture

our new bible study starts this thursday! we will be picking up the very thorny and controversial topic of sexual ethics. “don’t have sex unless you’re straight married” will only get you so far. is this really all the bible has to say about it? (spoiler: no.) you can read more about the study hereContinue reading “new bible study: sexuality, relationships, and ethics beyond purity culture”

abolition bible study starts thursday

4pm thursdays in december, we’ll jump into the question of prison: what does the bible have to say about them, and how should a christian think about them? prison abolition was a hot topic over the summer, though it seems to have fallen out of the national conversation. but all the problems that were talkedContinue reading “abolition bible study starts thursday”

some thoughts on Jeremiah 6:

Judgment and wrath, as in divine judgment and God’s wrath, are ideas that have been harmfully misused. I know this. It is wicked for people to use scripture and theology to do harm. At the same time, though, when there is great, sustained, even normalized injustice, as there is in this country, I meditate onContinue reading “some thoughts on Jeremiah 6:”

welcome to the semester!

time has seemed so flat and even fake for so long that it’s hard to believe that something is happening, but here we are! and here’s what pcm is up to as the semester begins: Bailey is praying for you. this week, the first week of the semester, we won’t meet—focus on settling in toContinue reading “welcome to the semester!”

we got a new website! + fall plans

simpler, cleaner, fewer aesthetic choices left up to bailey. a win-win. wins all around. the new semester starts in three weeks! we are nervous; we imagine everyone is nervous. we want to meet to talk and worship, and also, we don’t want to be foolish or put anyone in danger for the sake of doingContinue reading “we got a new website! + fall plans”