What's PCM?

We're a work in progress.

We are working to grow into (towards, around) our faith: That God loves the world; that Jesus Christ (also God) lived, died, and rose from the dead to free that world; that the sh!tshow around us does not have the last word about anyone or anything. We want to understand the world, what's wrong (a lot) and what's good (surprisingly also a lot) in it, and work to heal it as best we can. We work as a team with the other ministries in the CCC to create a space where anyone can come and live as they are. Big mission, little ministry. Come and see.

At PCM, you'll find:

  • Worship, study of scripture, and moral discourse (stuff matters)
  • Support both pastoral and peer (lean on me ♬)
  • Work in the world to further peace and justice (no justice, no peace)