The Rev. Bailey Pickens (pictured in artfully composed selfie, above, delighted to be at the beach) is a cradle Presbyterian from a small town in Florida (swamps and alligators, not white beaches or theme parks). Her first degree is in Japanese studies, and she has taught Japanese, second-language pedagogy, and professional development in the summers for more than ten years. What must have been the Holy Spirit, because it was not common sense, sent her to seminary, where she got a first taste of the hurt and the joy there is in trying to find God's way in the world; and then to a trauma hospital, where she worked as a chaplain and learned to let go of the desire to be right all the time. She moved to Tucson during a heat wave, and after ten years in cold places may finally be thawing out. When she is not at the Campus Christian Center or serving as a chaplain with Casa de la Luz Hospice, she is dragging her wife Kelli to look at things (the Queen of the Night blooming! meteor showers! Christmas lights!). She loves talking, listening, cooking, warm weather, and dogs. This is her first year with PCM. She is extremely excited to meet you. You can email her if you want to.