Core Beliefs

You belong.

Christianity began as a weird fringe religion distinguished by its stubborn devotion to a single deity, opposition to patriotic worship, and popularity among those on the bottom rung of society (because it told them the truth: that they were precious in the sight of God). We're trying to get back to our roots.

Presbyterian Campus Ministry is open and affirming. That's church-speak for LGBTQ-friendly (worship with us, preach at us, get married in us).

Our doors are also open to the not-particularly-religious: curious, nervous, suspicious but intrigued. Come in and talk with us. We'll feed you.

The world is not the enemy.

The point of the church is not to protect the good Christians inside it from the bad world outside. The point of the church is to be the Body of Christ, who, incidentally, lived in the regular world with the rest of us because God loves it so much. Good and evil don't adhere to a secular/religious divide.

Things matter.

Beliefs have stakes. Opinions aren't games. Faith without works is dead.

For specifically theological beliefs, we invite you to check out the Nicene Creed.